Maeklong Railway Market – Talat Rom Hub – The Folding Umbrella Market

Maeklong Railway Market – Talat Rom Hub – The Folding Umbrella Market. Ampawa region is home to one of the most peculiar phenomenon in Thailand – a market located on railway tracks which folds whenever the train arrives and reopens immediately after it passes through.  The market is titled Talat Rom Hub, which means in Thai “The Folding Umbrella Market”. It isn’t particularly interesting in itself, but the phenomenon is certainly intriguing and many visitors come to witness the wonder.

The market is located right by the Maeklong Railway station, in the town of Samut Songkhram, (capital of the Samut Songkhram district), only few kilometers away from Amphawa Floating Market.

The train passes through the market 7 times a day (on its way to and from the station), according to the following timeline:

08:40 (arrival)

09:00 (departure)

11:20 (arrival)

11:30 (departure)

14:30 (arrival)

15:30 (departure)

17:40 (arrival)

Please keep in mind that this schedule may vary, and try to ensure the times prior to your arrival.

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