In the southern part of Uthai Thani city, you’ll find the marvelous Crystal Temple ( Wat Tha Sung ), an exceptional site, and surely one of the most beautiful temples in Thailand. You won’t find any temple like it throughout the entire country; it will impress and amaze every visitor and traveler – even those who aren’t temple enthusiasts.

The Wat Tha Sung Crystal Temple is also known as Wat Chantharam and it was built long ago, back in the days of Ayutthaya. However, years later, in 1789, a monk by the name of Luang Pho Yaii was approached by the villagers and asked to be the head of the temple (abbot). He took the part, renovated the temple, and over the years further structures have been added to the complex, yet the chief attraction is the main hall – which is the largest, most impressive part of the temple.

Although the Wat Tha Sung structure of the temple is not so special, once you step into the huge space of the main hall, you immediately feel in awe, mesmerized by the spectacular sight that surrounds you. Instead of the gold, you see in most temples – this one features mirrors and crystals, which cover both the roof and the inside parts – and the result is simply stunning, as you can see in the pictures and clip I’ve taken on site.

Wat Tha Sung Visiting Hours: 9 AM – 11:45 AM, and 2 PM – 4 PM

♦ Here’s a little tip for those who plan to visit the place independently as they travel from Bangkok – you can make a shortcut and save time by crossing the river in a ferry at Manorom pier in the nearby Chainat province – and from there, a few minutes’ ride will get you to the temple.

My Opinion: Wat Tha Sung , a spectacular, exceptional temple, that will impress even those who aren’t temple enthusiasts

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