Koh Chang Weather & Seasons ,  Koh Chang island is in Trat, one of the rainiest provinces in Thailand. The annual precipitation amounts to some 4,000 millimeters of rain per year – much more than the annual average for other regions of Thailand. This huge amount of rain does not spread evenly across the year, but rather most of the rain pours in certain months – so I hope the information detailed in this review will help you plan your visit to Koh Chang in terms of weather.

Koh Chang is rendered the rainiest island of all the heavily toured islands. Its surface consists of steep mountains covered with plantation, which also contributes to the large amount of precipitation in the area.

In terms of temperatures – Koh Chang weather is tropical, meaning that temperatures are higher than 30 degrees almost all year round. In certain months (the hot season) temperatures may rise to 35 degrees and even higher, with extreme humidity as well.

 On the picture to your right, you can see the average amount of rain in millimeters for Koh Chang, stated for each month of the year – press the picture to enlarge.

Read on for further detail of the situation in different seasons including graphs; hopefully, the information will help you plan your visit to Koh Chang.

 The 3 Seasons of Koh Chang Weather

The cold season

September till November – tropical storms (typhoons) may occur, so despite the small amount of rain, November might be problematic. Therefore, the best time to visit is between December – February. This is Koh Chang’s high season, so of course hotel and resort prices are higher, there are many visitors in the island and naturally its beaches are more crowded.

November till mid-February – temperatures are low and so is the humidity, and you can expect sunny days with clear blue skies, calm sea and optimal conditions for all activities, including sailing and snorkeling. There are relatively few rainy days and a small amount of rain. The coldest month of the year in Koh Chang is January.

The hot season

March till late-May – temperatures rise above 30 during the days and nights may be hot as well. The humidity in this time of the year is very high, which means you’ll be sweating without even moving your body and it’s not easy to sit on the beach for a long while with the burning sun above your head. The hottest month of the year in Koh Chang is April.

Despite the heat and humidity, this is still a rather popular season on the island; the Thai new year – Songkran – is on April and there are other holidays on May. You can still expect calm sea and clear blue sky, but the heat is rather heavy at this time of the year.

The Rainy season

June till late October– Huge amounts of rain pour in Koh Chang during these months, between 500 -700 millimeters per month. There are a few sunny days, but most days are rainy, with dark, clouded sky and stormy sea.

 On the picture to your right, you can see the number of rainy days in Koh Chang, detailed for each month of the year – press the picture to enlarge.

Importantly, even in rainy days, the rain doesn’t pour all day long, but usually comes in strong showers of 1-2 hours. In between the sun shines and the weather is fine – so this season is also possible if you would like to visit a very calm island and practically empty beaches.       This is the weak season in terms of tourism – accommodation prices are lowest, far less visitors come to the island and some of the business (resorts, restaurants, shops etc.) are closed – but some see this as an opportunity to cease the low prices and enjoy an almost “private” island. To each his own reasoning and decisions.

Conclusion: the weather and seasons should be considered when deciding which region of Thailand to visit.

Each season has its weaknesses and strongest suits, and all should be considered before deciding. I hope that this review will help you decide which time best suits you for visiting Koh Chang.


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