Jae Lang – the cheapest store of cosmetics, perfumes and more in Bangkok
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Jae Lang – the cheapest store of cosmetics, perfumes and more in Bangkok , The Jae Lang store is one of the most well-known and famous stores in Bangkok in the field cosmetics storeof perfumes, cosmetics and everything regarding it.




The store is known for its variety of brands and its very wide collection of products and their relatively cheap prices – all of the products are significantly cheaper than what you would find in supermarkets and different shopping centers.

The store itself is pretty big and the shelves are densely filled with an abundance of goods in cosmetics storethis field. The store is located in the alley leading to a small shopping center called Jae Leng Plaza but make sure you don’t mix those two up. The store is located 30 meters into the alley leading to the shopping center, to the right.



In the alley itself, 100 meters long, you’ll find additional stores mostly selling bags, purses and fashion products. These stores are known for high-quality replicas and you could order replicas of bags for any brand you want – but regardless, the Jae Lang store is the best known and the main reason to visit the place.

The store is very close to the southern side of the old airport – Don Muang – and every cab cosmetics storedriver knows the store.




Hours: daily between 10:00 to 21:00. It’s recommended to avoid visiting it on Sundays because it is very crowded then!

Arrival: by taxi. Show the cab driver – ร้านเจ๊เล้ง

It’s recommended to merge the visit in the store along with a visit in the best brands market in Bangkok – the Thai Airways Market as well as with the Union Mall (the largest and most well-known mall for fashion of young  people), the excellent shopping center Central Ladprao and other locations in the area.