Doi Inthanon National Park Part A – Walking track, waterfalls and Doi Inthanon mountain top

Doi Inthanon National Park Part A – Walking Track, Waterfalls and Doi Inthanon Mountain Top

Doi Inthanon National Park is one of the most famous parks in northern Thailand. It is located in Chiang Mai province, some 60 km away from the city of Chiang Mai. The national park is also known as “Thailand’s Roof” as it features the highest mountain in the country – Doi Inthanon mountain, which towers to the height of 2,565 meters.

Doi Inthanon National Park is very popular among locals and tourists alike, who come here to enjoy the fresh, cool air, the beauty and serenity of the park, the lovely waterfalls and the terraced rice fields on the mountainsides, among other things.

The national park also features several villages of the local Karen and Hmong tribes who practice agriculture (coffee plantations, strawberry fields, rice, flowers and more) as well as hosting visitors (Home Stay) in humble cabins.

Please take into consideration that the place is rather chilly throughout most of the year, and particularly during the winter – when it can get very cold. So, I recommend bringing warm clothes with you when visiting there, especially at the mountain top.


An Important Note: Do not visit the north of Thailand from March – May/June. The heat is unbearable, the nature is all dry and yellow, frequent fires in forests and fields create haziness and very poor air quality – to the extent of causing lung diseases. If you are traveling during this time of the year, I strongly advise you to visit other regions of Thailand – the center and the south – where the weather is considerably better.

Doi Inthanon National Park is full of attractions, so I’ve divided the review into 2 parts – A & B

Part A: Walking track, waterfalls and Doi Inthanon mountain top

Part B: The King and Queen Pagodas, the Royal Project, local markets etc  : link to part B

Hiking in the National Park

Doi Inthanon consists of various walking tracks, which is the best way to experience the national park – sense the impressive landscapes and feast your eyes on the beautiful natural surroundings, in the cool, serene setting, meet the authentic locals and even taste excellent coffee from local plantations.

For the purposes of our private luxury tours, I’ve picked an easy, comfortable walking track of 2-hours or so, which also suits families with young kids. The track is accompanied by a local guide (as required) who comes from one of the tribes; he will lead you along the beautiful Pha Dok Siew waterfall with its 100 stairs, which is tucked in the beautiful nature of the area.

You can enjoy the spectacular waterfall sight, the beauty of the terraced rice fields on the nearby mountains, the strawberry fields and the natural splendor that surrounds you. You can even bathe in the waterfall if you wish to do so.

The end of the track is set in an authentic village of the Karen tribe, whose origins draw back to Myanmar. There, you can experience the preparation of local coffee hands on and of course – have a taste.

FYI: visiting Doi Inthanon National Park just to take a picture by some waterfall and at the mountain top – would be a total waste as you will miss out on the Doi Inthanon experience.

My opinion: The walking track is a must when visiting Doi Inthanon National Park. I highly recommend it.

♥ A visit to Doi Inthanon and the walking track through the national park is included in our private quality tours to northern Thailand.

Doi Inthanon Mountain Top

Naturally, the Doi Inthanon mountain top is one of the most popular sites in the national park. The highest mountain in Thailand towers to 2,565 meters – and though there isn’t too much to do here, it’s nice to stop by and take a couple of pictures to prove you’ve been at the highest height of Thailand.

The top of the mountain is rather close to the parking. Also, you’ll find Stupa here – the remains of the last king of Chiang Mai – king Inthawichayanon, who was a nature enthusiast and requested that his ashes will be buried here. The site features various signs to attest that you were, indeed, visiting here, including a lit sign which shows you the temperature – and it can certainly get rather chilly here, especially during the wintertime, so you should probably bring some warm clothes with you.

My opinion: a nice place to stop by and take a couple of images bot nothing more.

♥ A visit to Doi Inthanon mountain top is included in Tiptop Travel private quality tours to the national park and northern Thailand.


Doi Inthanon National Park features several waterfalls: Mae Pan, Mae Klang, Sirithann, Wachiratan, Pha Dok Siew and more.

Wachiratan waterfalls are very popular among visitors on their day tours, as they are close to the parking lot, but there isn’t much to do there other than spending a short while and taking a few pictures.



For the purposes of Tiptop Travel private luxury tours, I’ve picked the beautiful Pha Dok Siew waterfalls with their 100 stairs; they are included in the easy walking track I’ve mentioned earlier – which is the best way to explore and experience the national park. Pha Dok Siew waterfalls are tucked in the beautiful natural setting, between strawberry and terraced rice fields, beside the local coffee plantations (behold the picture). 

My opinion: to explore and experience the lovely area in the best way possible, I highly recommend an easy 2-hour walking track which includes Pha Dok Siew waterfalls.

♥ A walking track which includes visiting Pha Dok Siew waterfalls and observing Wachiratan waterfalls is included in our private quality tours in Doi Inthanon and northern Thailand.

The visit to Doi Inthanon National Park is included in Tiptop Travel private quality tours to northern Thailand and includes the following attractions/activities:

·         A relaxed 2-hour walking track along a beautiful waterfall

·         The King and Queen Pagodas

·         The Royal Project

·         A visit to the Doi Inthanon mountain top

·         A visit to Wachiratan waterfalls


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