Chae Son National Park – Hot Springs and Waterfall – Lampang

Chae Son National Park – Hot Springs and Waterfall

Chae Son National Park is a true natural gem hidden away from the standard route of tourist crowds through northern Thailand. This is where I found the most beautiful hot springs in northern Thailand, and a beautiful 6 stairs waterfall tucked in beautiful lush nature… Highly recommended !!

Scroll down to the end of this review for clips I took in both the hot springs and waterfall

Chae Son National Park is an hour’s drive away, north of Lampang. It isn’t particularly large, but it certainly is a true natural gem, untouched by tourists. The rural park features 2 main attractions – hot springs and a 6 stairs waterfall that will be covered in this review.

Chae Son Hot Springs

During my many years in Thailand I’ve visited many hot springs across the country – in its south, center and north. Of all the hot springs I’ve visited – I liked Chae Son’s the most – as the area is beautiful and green, well-kept and particularly pleasant.

The park that features the hot springs stretches across a considerable area of various areas. When you enter the hot springs park, the area features steaming natural pools surrounded by grey rocks.

The heat in these pools reaches a temperature of 80 degrees and more, and so of course one cannot enter the water. This is where the locals like to place bamboo baskets with eggs, and 15 minutes later, take them out boiled and ready for eating. The eggs baskets can be purchased in a nearby stand.

Continue further and you’ll get to a small bridge over a natural pool, where a series of natural pools begins – with water that are hot, yet in lower temperatures that enable visitors to bathe and enjoy.

Right nearby, a cool stream flows, so those interested in cooling their bodies after staying in the hot pools, simply move easily to the stream.

For those who would like to bathe privately, there are small bungalows available for rent (only 50 baht), featuring baths of hot spring water. You will also find here a Thai massage site and a small market with various foods and drinks.

I must stress that the park is completely off the tourist routes through northern Thailand, and during the many hours I spent there (it was hard to leave this lovely place) – I haven’t seen even one tourist!!

Conclusion: After visiting many hot springs across the country, I can say without a doubt that out of all the hot springs I’ve visited – I liked Chae Son’s the most – as the area is beautiful and green, well-kept and particularly pleasant. These springs are the most impressive I’ve seen, and they are located in a green park with lots of grass and many trees. The site is highly recommended!!

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Chae Son Waterfalls

Only 1 km away from the hot springs, there’s another excellent attraction – a 150 meters high, 6 stairs waterfall.

♣ Scroll down to the end of this review for a clip I took in the waterfall

Chae Son Waterfalls have water flowing all year long, and they are located in a beautiful and calm natural setting.

A very comfortable path with small bridges will lead you along the waterfall and comfortable stairs will assist you throughout, making your visit easy and simple, requiring no effort whatsoever.

It is important to take water with you for the waterfall track, as you won’t find any kiosks along the way. I also recommend taking bathing suits and towels, as you can certainly bathe in the pools that are created in each waterfall stair.

Words can hardly describe but I will still try – beyond the beauty of the place, we are talking about a real piece of nature – untouched and unharmed by human hand. You won’t find here kiosks, stands and souvenir shops; you won’t see buses unpacking noisy tourist groups – just beautiful nature and pleasant waterfall sounds.

Conclusion: I have to say that before my first visit to the National Park, I had no particular expectations. I thought I’d see yet another boring waterfall and plain hot springs – and I was pleasantly surprised with this wonderful site!! The beauty of the place, the calm and serenity just got me, and the fact that tourist herds have yet to discover the place added to the pleasant feeling.

This was certainly one of the most pleasant experiences in nature through Thailand, that brought to my decision to include Lampang area in our private luxury tours (including an overnight stay)



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