The 4 Islands tour from Ko Lanta Island

The 4 Islands tour at Ko Lanta includes the following islands: Ko Karadan, Ko Mook, ko Chuek and Ko Ngai (also called Ko Hai). There is a choice of a few agencies offering these one day tours. They all offer a similar tour program – pick up from the resort, cruise and snorkeling (snorkeling equipment is supplied by the agency), fruit, drink, lunch on one of the islands, spending time at the beach and returning to the resort.

Ko Rok Isalnd Travel Guide

The beaches are really magnificent with very soft white sand and amazing clear turquoise blue waters. Beautiful rain forest with Mangrove trees are found all over the island’s mainland. Ko Rok Nok’s magnificent beach is called Ao Man Sai. At a short distance, which can be crossed by swimming, you can find Ko Rok Nai island with its own breathtaking beach, called Ao Sarn Chao. (it means the wind house beach).

Ko Lipe and its surrounding area – beaches, islands, snorkeling and nightlife

Ko Lipe is every tropical islands lover’s dream – one of nature’s miracles with many great beaches, soft white sands and beautiful clear turquoise waters. Snorkeling sites can be found right near the beach, as well as plenty of resorts, shops, restaurants, massages and lively nightlife in the pubs on the beach.

Krabi – Lane Bay Kayaking

This magnificent bay is beautifully decorated with huge limestone rocks towering over Mangrove forests with plenty of wild life and greenery, creating breathtaking canyons, lagoons and a lovely picture like scenery. Although the area has not been declared a national park yet, (soon to become one), its nature has remind almost untouched.
The most popular tourist attraction in the area which is also the best way to see its magnificent view is Kayaking.