Pattaya / The Upside-Down House

The Upside Down House is a nice little attraction for kids, located south of Pattaya city in Sattahip area (very close to the Buddha Mountain). The house is built upside down, which allows you to take funny pictures and enjoy some additional small attractions.

Pattaya / Sanctuary of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth in Nakluea area (the northern part of Pattaya) is one of the prominent quality attractions in the area. The sanctuary is an all-wood, hand-made building which was engraved without using nails. It is a must-see attraction for all those who visit the area.

The city of Pattaya – View Point

Between the city of Pattaya and Jomtien beach, there’s a large hill called Phra Tumnak Hill. In this calm, quiet area you’ll find residence houses, lots of hotels, restaurants, shops and more. You’ll also find here the best view point which provides you with a beautiful overview of Pattaya city and bay.

Pattaya / Nong Nooch Gardens

Nong Nooch Gardens is a famous, popular attraction in Sattahip area, some 30-40 minutes ride, south of Pattaya center. This is a large space, some 2500 dunam (600 acre) of impressive, well kept gardens in different themes, featuring preserved tree and flower species, folklore and animal shows.

Pattaya / Koh Larn

Koh Larn is a small island near Pattaya, whose only advantage is that its beaches are better than the unpleasant ones of Pattaya, and the sea water are cleaner. For these reasons, the island makes a decent site for a day at the beach, if you chose Pattaya as your vacation destination. On the other hand – getting to Koh Larn and back is quite the hassle, at a considerable price – if you chose a speedboat. Finally, you should also bear in mind that the restaurants at the different beaches are rather expensive.

Restaurant - Pad Thai - Thipsamai

Thipsamai – The Most Famous Pad Thai Restaurant in Bangkok

Thipsamai – The Most Famous Pad Thai Restaurant in Bangkok, Pad Thai is the most famous Thai dish in the world. Among tourists and foreigners, it’s considered as the national Thai food, and the most famous restaurant in Bangkok to serve the well-known dish (and this dish only) is the good old restaurant “Thipsamai”. If you