Bo Sang Umbrella Village & Sankampaeng Villages – Paper Umbrellas and Various Handicrafts – Chiang Mai

Bor Sang & Sankampaeng Villages – Paper Umbrellas and Various Handicrafts / Chiang Mai

Some 13 km south of Chiang Mai city, on route 1006 (Sankampaeng Rd) there are several villages that function as local handicrafts centers. You’ll find plenty of factories and shops there, that offer a wide variety of handmade items and souvenirs, including paper umbrellas, parasols and hand-held fans, wood carvings, silk, gems, ceramics, bronze and more.

In these Bor Sang Umbrella villages, you can see the craftsmen while they work, and if you pay them, of course – they’ll be happy to decorate your personal belongings (bags, purses, cell phones etc.). The main local highlight – which is most appealing to visitors – is the paper umbrellas/parasols industry, where colorful, decorated umbrellas and other beautiful paper products are made and illustrated by skilled craftsmen. It’s a major cause for celebration to children and some of the adults who visit the site as well.


Here I must pause and say that the area is highly commercialized and packed with tourists. One bus follows another as they bring crowds of tourists on their day tours in Chiang Mai. The prices aren’t very cheap either – and you can probably find similar souvenirs and memorabilia in various markets, so the products aren’t exclusive. However,

the process of production and creation is very interesting and I think that kids will love it here.

Please notice: every year towards late January, an Umbrellas Festival takes place in Bor Sang , as local craftsmen compete for the most beautiful designs and decorations.

My opinion: the Bor Sang Umbrella Village is commercialized and packed full of tourists, but it’s still a lovely attraction, so you should stop there for a short visit, especially for the kids’ enjoyment.

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