The Grand Palace – The complex structure / Bangkok

The Grand Palace in Bangkok is one of the most important and popular tourist destinations in Thailand. It is a complex of beautiful, marvelous structures, including palaces which accommodated and served Thai kings until 1925, along with the most significant and sacred temple in Thailand – Wat Phra Kaew (the emerald Buddha temple).

The Grand Palace – History / Bangkok

The Grand Palace in Bangkok is one of the most important and popular tourist destinations in Thailand. It is a complex of beautiful, marvelous structures, including palaces which accommodated and served Thai kings until 1925, along with the most significant and sacred temple in Thailand – Wat Phra Kaew (the emerald Buddha temple). It is a must-see site that you just have to visit once you’re in Bangkok!!

Phra Pradaeng

Samut Prakan is a province to the south east of Bangkok, which extends its branches to the center of the city. Apart from Bangkok airport which is located in the province, it has various attractions for all age groups including: the 3-headed elephant temple (Erawan Museum), the old town (Muang Boran), the crocodile farm and zoo, the floating market (Bang Nampeung), the seagulls beach (Bang Poo), Bangkok’s green lung (Bang Krajao) and many more places to visit.

Flow House” closed hall wave surfing”

The Flow House is located at the center of Bangkok, at the end of Sukhumvit soi 26, (almost at the corner of Rama 4), in A-Sqaure Center, which also offers many restaurants, and an IT computer, cell-phones and gadget center. Right in front of the relatively new center, you’ll find an older, smaller center, called K Villange, which is covered by another article posted on this website.

Bang Nampeung –The Floating Market in Bangkok – Directions and Tips

Up until recent years, the vast majority of tourists and even foreigners who live in Bangkok, didn’t know there is a big floating market, which is highly popular among Thai people, open on weekends only and located at the heart of Bangkok, in an area titled Bang Krajao, also known as Bangkok’s Green Lung.

Asiatique – Bangkok’s Night Market

Asiatique – Bangkok’s Night Market was opened on April 2012, on the banks of the Chao Phraya river. Since the bazaar is located in my neighbourhood (Yanawa), rather close to my home, I’ve been following it consistently from its opening.

Ko Kret – the island in Chaopraya river, Nontaburi, Thailand

Ko Kret is a small island in the Chaopraya River, very close to the north bounds of Bangkok. It is formally located in Pak Kret, a district of the Nonthaburi province, which borders on the northwest side of Bangkok and constitutes, along with the city itself, one giant urban sequence. The border between the two practically goes unnoticed.

Muang Boran Ancient City ( Bangkok Old City )

The Ancient City is the largest open air museum in the world, which spreads over some 250 acres. The park was constructed under the patronage of Lek Viriyaphant, who also came up with the idea of Erawan Museum.

Markets in China Town ,Bangkok

The area of China Town in Bangkok Thailand holds a vast amount of colorful and energetic markets where you could find many things that you desire.

The JJ Green Night Market

Bangkok has plenty of night markets. One of the most recommended and fun is the JJ Green JJ Green MarketNight Market

Chinatown Markets – Sampeng alley, Klong Thom Market and the Sua Pa area

Chinatown area in Bangkok hosts many colorful and lively markets where you can find almost anything you desire. The entire area is one big mess and it’s rather difficult to China Town Market mapnavigate and find your way there.

Talat Rot Fy Night Market in Bangkok

There is never a dull moment in this lovely city and there are plenty of entertaining options Talat Rot Fyand ways to spend your days and nights outdoors. In this article, we will review one of these options – a night market titled ‘Talat Rot Fy’ (the train market)

Bangkok Floating Market – Talat Nam Lat Mayom

The Talat Nam Lat Mayom floating market is one of the floating markets located inside the city of Bangkok (like the Talat Nam Bang Nampeung floating market).
In contrary to the Damnoen Saduak floating market, located some 70 kilometers from Bangkok, and is a total tourist trap, Lat Mayom is totally authentic and is unknown to most tourists. The market is active during the weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and also on Holidays.

Thailand Cultural Center & Siam Niramit Show 

The Siam Niramit Show, which takes place at the Thailand Cultural Center in the heart of Bangkok, is a spectacular show with a great production that I’d define as a ‘must see’ experience while visiting Bangkok. I’ve known Thailand for many years, through and through its many layers, and during this time, I got to visit many shows, but not Siam Niramit. I thought it was just another show, until recently, when I got to visit it with a couple of friends and realized how wrong I was. This is a marvelous, breathtaking show, and I’ve never seen anything that comes near it.

Bangkok Cruise and Dining – A comparison

Enjoying a river cruise and dinner in Bangkok is one of the nicest experiences in the city – yet tourists usually don’t know that there are many companies which operate distinctly different cruises on different boats traveling in different routes and serving completely different target groups. There’s a big difference in terms of the boat class, the service level onboard and even the foods.

Bang Krajao – The Green Lung of Bangkok

Most tourists can hardly believe it – but just a few minutes away from the center of Bangkok, a short drive from Sukhumvit and Silom skyscrapers, you’ll discover an ‘oasis’ named Bang Krajao – Bangkok’s giant green lung. The area is filled with nature, parks and orchards, lush and colorful plants of all sorts, lakes and water canals, walking trails, flowers and butterflies, singing birds and lots of peace and quiet… even a lovely, authentic floating market can be found there.

Bangkok Canals by Longtail Boat

Most tourists refer to the canal tour as though there is a single route – but there are several possible paths. The main canals create a shape which resembles the number 8, with the entire right side being the Chaopraya river. Therefore, you can do the upper part of the 8-like route, the lower one, or both. After exploring the different routes, we concluded that the lower part of the ‘8’ is more interesting, although it doesn’t include the Royal Boats museum.

Bangkok Dinner Cruises in ‘Thai’ boats

After trying several boats, I highly recommend the dinner cruise on a Thai boat which is designated to serve locals

Bang Poo The Seagulls Beach – Bangkok

Between the months of October-June, the area is filled with thousands of seagulls from different breeds, as well as many other bird types. Thus, it becomes a real treat, and particularly, a piece of heaven for bird enthusiasts.

Patpong Night Market – Bangkok

Patpong Night Market , When I first visited Thailand over 20 years ago, Patpong area was a famous, popular place, and almost all the tourists visited the local night market or one of the many clubs in the area, with their famous ‘Ping Pong’ shows. Patpong area, the market and clubs, were packed full of visitors.

PPT Speedway Indoor Karting – Bangkok

PPT Speedway Indoor Karting , PPT Speedway is the biggest indoor karting track in the world. It’s the first track to be launched in Bangkok and the third one in Asia as a whole.

The Three Headed Elephant Temple – Erawan Museum

The three-headed elephant temple (Chang Sam Sean) is a unique, spectacular attraction located in Bangkok (Samut Prakan) – a giant structure which is shaped as a three headed elephant, and contains a small museum as well as a temple. The structure is

Buddha Dharma Relics Museum

I had no idea of this lovely museum until a local friend recommended visiting it. I’m happy to say I have, as the place is spectacular and extraordinary, with a unique, magical atmosphere.

Wat Arun – The Temple of Dawn – Bangkok

Wat Arun, which is also known as the Temple of Dawn (วัดอรุณ), is one of the most prominent symbols of Bangkok

Wat Pariwat – ‘the David Beckham Temple’

Very few tourists know that Bangkok is home to a unique temple, which contains a statue of the hugely famous British soccer player – David Beckham. Even fewer know the temple’s location and how to get there.

Chatuchak Bangkok Weekend Market ; Chatuchak Plaza ; JJ Mall Market

I won’t say too much about this huge market (many say the biggest one in Asia and the entire world). It holds over 15,000 stores, and around 200,000 visitors per day

Saphan Phut Night Market – Bangkok

Saphan Phut is an authentic, famous night market that has been operating for many years.