Beef in Green Curry , แกงเขียวหวานเนื้อ = Gaeng Khiaowan Nue = Beef in Green Curry

The green curry is considered as one of the subtlest, less spicy curry types in the Thai kitchen. The exact interpretation of the dish title is “sweet green curry”, but sometimes the dish can be quite spicy, when served in authentic local restaurants (that clearly do not target tourists).

I personally love the dish with beef but you can also have it served with chicken or fish balls. Among its other ingredients, you’ll find Thai eggplants and coconut milk. Usually, the dish is served with white rice.

Here is a recipe and a short clip that will guide you through the dish preparation.

Bon appetit!!



Prasat Phanom Rung  ,The Phanom Rung stone fortress is a Khmer temple set on the rim of an extinct volcano, some 60-km. south of Buriram in Isan province. Prasat Phanom Rung is the biggest, most impressive Khmer temple in Thailand, which was built in the 12th century and took 17 years to restore – a complex work which was administered by the Thai government. It was first open to the public in 1988.  Personally, I haven’t visited Angkor in Cambodia, but a friend who accompanied me to Prasat Phanom Rung and previously visited Angkor temples, confirmed that indeed, the site is very impressive.




4 times during the year – the sun’s rays of light pass through the temples’ 15 openings, and if possible, you should plan your visit according to the following dates and hours – during the sunrise, on April 3rd – 5th and





September 8th – 10th; during the sunset, on March 5-7 and October 5-7. Additionally, on the first Saturday of every April, a local festival is held on site. It includes lovely dancing, fireworks and a light-and-sound show.

Driving from Bangkok to Phanom Rung takes about 6 hours and you can include Khorat, Prasat Hin Phimai and Sarasburi in your trip to the area. During our visit, we met a nice group of Thai women who also came to explore the area, and as it turned out, they too came from Bangkok, where they live right next to us. We also saw an extravagant golden Chicken

More Info can be found : Link A   Link B

Bangkok Saphan Phut Night Market, Saphan Phut is an authentic, famous night market that has been operating for many years. It is located under Saphan Phut bridge (which is also called Memorial bridge), very close to the flower market. You will find here a wide variety of clothes, bags, shoes, handmade products and more – all available at very low prices. There are also many foods stands on the site, where you can enjoy various cuisines such as banana roti.





Despite its close location to Khao San, Saphan Phut Night Market is authentic and maintains its local charm – it is hardly a famous tourist site. Its visitors are mostly Thai students and youth who seek low priced products while enjoying the market atmosphere and gathering to hang out on the bridge situated above it. Between Saphan Phut and the flower market, you’ll find a monument for King Rama the first.







Saphan Phut Night Market Opening Hours: the market is available from 7 PM till midnight, every day of the week excluding Monday (On several websites I checked, it states that the

Saphan Phut Night Market










The market is closed on Wednesdays but after I personally inquired, it appears that it’s closed on Mondays)

Arrival: by taxi. You can combine Saphan Phut Night Market with a stroll through Khao San alley, which is located nearby.

Show this to your taxi driver: ตลาดนัดสะพานพุทธ

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Bang Nam Phueng Floating Market ,  Bang Nam Phueng (=honey) Floating Market is a calm gem in nature, visited by crowds of

Bangkok residents during the weekends. The Bang Nam Phueng Floating Market is located at the heart of Bangkok’s huge green lung (titled Bang Krajao), in a tongue-shaped area which was created by the river twist. In formal and municipal terms, the market is in Samut Prakan district (where Bangkok airport is also located), yet it is closer to the city center (some 15 minutes’ ride from sukhumvit asoke intersection) than to Khao-San Road, for example.




The difference from the crowded, busy metropolis to Bang Nampeung is striking and very surprising. Just minutes away from the beating heart of the city, you’ll find yourself in a pastoral, rustic area, with parks, gardens and water canals, and in its center, you’ll find the floating market – Talat nam Bang Nam Phueng. Despite the fact that the market is located very close to the center of Bangkok, the vast majority of tourists know nothing about it. In fact, the only tourists you might find here, are those who take the local bicycle tours.

In the Bang Nam Phueng Floating Market itself, you’ll find a wide variety of handicrafts and unique dishes in a highly authentic atmosphere. You can rent a bike there (for 30 baht), boats (20 baht) or take a tour in a horse carriage. You can combine the market with various attractions nearby – the 3-headed elephant temple (Erawan Museum), the Ancient City (Muang Boran), the crocodile farm and zoo, the seagulls beach (Bang Poo) and more.

Here you can read more about the area and its various attractions.

Market title: Talat Nam Bang Nampueng – ลาดน้ำบางน้ำผึ้ง


Bang Nam Phueng Floating MarketOpening hours: the market is open only on Saturdays and Sundays, between 7 AM to 3 PM.

Directions: you can take a taxi and drive through the huge, impressive Bhumibol bridge, and from there on through Phra Phradaeng which is interesting in itself. This ride will take you some 45 minutes from the center of Bangkok. You can cross the river by boat (5 baht) from Klong Toei right next to sukhumvit asoke intersection.

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For your convenience, I’m attaching a clip with pictures from the market…Enjoy!

Wine Connection Deli & Bistro , This typical yuppie restaurant is very modern, bubbly and lively at night, and welcomes a mixed crowd of both locals and foreigners who live in Thailand.

The restaurant menu is western/Italian, and it includes various salads, pasta dishes and pizza with several toppings for your choosing, chicken and meat dishes, fish plates, soup bowls, desserts and more. The place belongs to a wine importer who entered the restaurant and catering world, so the restaurant also functions as a deli, which sells cheese and sausages, and there’s also a wine store next door. In addition to this branch, I have found a few others in different areas such as the Esplanade shopping mall in Nonthaburi.

As for this restaurant, it is located in a small, modern shopping center called K village in Sukhumvit soi 26 (deep into the soi, very close to Rama 4, right behind the big C). The food here is good, the dishes are big and satisfying, the service is kind, the atmosphere is pleasant and the prices are reasonable and affordable.

Opening Hours: from 7 AM till 1 AM

Directions: you can get to the restaurant by taking a taxi or using the Skytrain and getting off at Phrom Phong (Emporium). From then on – it’s a brief taxi ride away. While the restaurant is on Sukhumvit soi 26, please notice that its location is close to Rama 4 (rather than a walking distance from Sukhumvit).

An additional note: I saw that several websites state the restaurant address as soi Aree, but that’s an entirely different soi, in another part of the city (by Aree station), so make sure to tell the driver to take you to K village, on Sukhumvit Soi 26.

CNN GO provides this article about the restaurant.

For your convenience, I’m attaching a presentation along with a short clip to give you a taste of the restaurant, and a glimpse into its atmosphere. Enjoy!!


Stir-Fried Morning Glory with Chili and Soy Sauce  , ผัดผักบุ้งไฟแดง –  Phat Pak Boong Fai Daeng

According to the literal translation of the title – the vegetable (Pak Boong) is fried in red fire (Fai Daeng); it is stir-fried with chili and soy sauce on a very strong fire. This is the trick for properly cooking the dish – a strong, red fire must come out, and the dish should be stir-fried for a while (as you can see in the attached clip).

The dish pungency depends on the amount of chili of course, and in authentic Thai restaurants, it might be very hot indeed. Simply tell the waitress you’d like to have a non-spicy dish (or in Thai mai pet).

Bon appetit!


How to choose a hotel in Bangkok? A guide for choosing a hotel in Bangkok. Bangkok is an incredibly large city with a vast variety of points of interests and attractions located all around town as well as an immense collection of hotels of all kinds and sorts. This mighty collection along with the big spread of the points of interests causes confusion and difficulty when choosing the best location to stay in while visiting Bangkok. Another thing that leads to difficulty when choosing is the fact that it’s not composed of ‘black’ and ‘white’ – every place has its advantages and disadvantages – which leads to immense difficulty when making a decision as a first-time visitor.

In order to choose the correct hotel – first you must choose the place in Bangkok in which you wish to stay – and then choosing the hotel would be a very easy task. The area of the hotel has a lot of influence on maximizing enjoyment and time while visiting Bangkok. Don’t forget that the location is important not just during the day (it is used as the base for leaving and returning to tours, touring sites, shopping and so on) but also when the sun sets – when the touring sites and malls are already closed.

The importance of the hotel during the day – in light of the large size of Bangkok and the spread of the different attractions inside it – transportation from the hotel area and towards it is incredibly significant! The worse the location transportation-wise – the more time you’ll waste in traffic (via cab) and the less chances you’ll have to get to the hotel to relax, freshen up and store the products you’ve bought. This leads to pointless walking outside the hotel most of the hours of the day and the evening, often holding many shopping bags – something that would diminish the enjoyable experience of visiting Bangkok. All of these things gain immense significance when it is done by families with children.

In this aspect – the Skytrain and Subway lines offer the best solutions. You could arrive at anywhere on the line easily, with great comfort and in short time – unaffected by traffic anytime (until midnight). The trains are modern, very clean, air-conditioned and comfortable. The time saved by travelling in train compared to being stuck in traffic is huge. Therefore staying in a hotel that is nearby to one of the train lines is a great advantage in mobility and time-saving. Those same train lines connect between them along with other transportation like river boats, bus lines, vans and so on.

Read more about ==> different transportation in Bangkok.

The importance of the hotel during the evening/night – eventually, you’ve reached the hotel around the relatively early evening hours. The malls are closed, areas that were very crowded and active during the day now do not have a single person in them. There are two options:

  1. The vicinity of the hotel that was active during the day – is now a bit empty and kind of dark. Nowhere to go on foot – you need to take a taxi somewhere. The tourists that planned every detail during the day, did not always plan the evening and don’t know where to go. They might also feel uncomfortable in the empty, dark and unfamiliar surroundings.
  2. The vicinity of the hotel is active and lighted up even during the evening and the night – restaurants, stands, stores, pubs, and massage parlors and so on – everything is open and active. No need for taxi and no need to go anywhere. It is possible to walk around in the entire area and enjoy a variety of things to do. Even if you drove somewhere in the evening (market, a show) – you go back to a lighted up and lively place.

In the following articles you’ll find a review of the toured areas of Bangkok and the advantages and disadvantages of each one. However, hotels are spread all around the different Bangkok areas but I’ll focus on the areas popular amongst western tourists. These areas include:

Sukhumvit Street Area (and its continuing parts – Plonchit Street and Rama 1)

Khaosan Valley Area

Silom Street Area

Pratunam Area

Ratchada Pisek Street

Phayathai Street up to Victory Monument

Choosing a Hotel – Sukhumvit Street and Surrounding Area, Sukhumvit Street and its surrounding area, Ploenchit street and Rama 1 – (what I refer to here as the “Sukhumvit Axis “) is classed as the heart Bangkok’s tourist region and offers an enormous amount of hotels of all types and everything you can or can’t imagine! Activity wise, this is the area where you will find most of Bangkok’s major and popular shopping centers: Terminal 21, Emporium, Central World, Paragon, MBK etc. The region is packed with restaurants, market-stalls, pubs, discotheques, massages, and more and more … including Soi cowboy and Nana Complex. Two Sky Train lines run on this axis and a subway line crosses it and joins the Sky Train line at the Sukhumvit and Asoke intersection.


This is by far the most popular area among tourists visiting Bangkok due to the length of the “Sukhumvit Axis”, and diverse characters found in different areas of the axis. Sukhumvit has many alleys leading off it, known as “Soi”, some large and wide and some are small and narrow. The Sois are consecutively numbered in a way that the odd numbers are located on the northern side of the street and the even on the south.

I will try to briefly describe the various parts of the “Sukhumvit Axis”.


East of Soi Asok (Soi 21) to Soi Tonglor (Soi 55) is the more conservative area of the Sukhumvit, very active during the day and quiet at night. By  “quiet” I mean that you won’t bump into hordes of people walking around on the street at night but it’s not really “quiet” and most of the nighttime activities take place on the small alleys and not the main street. This area is great if you prefer a more quiet place to stay, but,  a bit too quiet if you prefer more action. Here there are plenty of hotels, restaurants (Seafood market, etc.), stores, shopping malls (Emporium etc.), clubs, pubs and more. Soi 55 itself (Soi Tonglor) is known as one of Bangkok’s most prestigious streets.

Between Asok to Ploenchit (all “Soi” numbers 21, 14 and under)  this is where you’ll find all the action that goes on in the region and possibly the  whole of the tourist area of Bangkok. This is the only tourist area in Bangkok that is active and vibrant 24 hours a day. It consists of a mixture of hotels of all types and standards, numerous restaurants of all kinds, massages, clubs, discos and almost everything imaginable. Starting in the early afternoon and until midnight, the “odd” side of the street becomes a market with a fantastic variety of stalls selling imitation clothing, watches and a variety of knick-knacks at amazingly cheap prices. After midnight, the stalls close and makeshift bars take their place, so there is never a dull moment. In this area there are several luxury hotels, Sheraton, Sofitel, Westin Grande Centre Point, Landmark and others. You will also find here the spectacular Terminal 21 shopping mall, Robinson Department Store and more. Several well-known clubs in this area are Q Bar, the Bed Superclub, Insomina, Climax etc. Alleys 1-7 offer various oriental restaurants, shawarma and the likes.


I recommended you stay in one of the hotels located between Soi 11 to 19. Soi 11 is active and vibrant and as the numbers get higher the small streets are quieter, but still only a short walk for those who prefer more action. This is the most recommended and popular area amongst tourists, a combination of a vibrant and busy district, well-lit both day and night with convenient means of transport (Sky Train and subway) and plenty of hotels to suit anyone’s budget.


Ploenchit street and Rama 1  – that join off Sukhumvit and reach MBK – the High Class of central Bangkok! Here you’ll find Embassies, luxury hotels and prestigious shopping centers (Paragon, Central World, Giisorn etc.).  Here you will find the renowned MBK and Siam Square with its many shops and boutiques. This section of road is very active during the day but a bit deserted in the evening when the shopping centers are closed and is highly recommended for those interested in shopping, but offers no nightlife.


In conclusion, there is no doubt that the Sukhumvit Axis is a highly recommended area, preferred by most of the tourists who come to Bangkok. The Sky Train that runs the entire length of this route allows quick and easy access to anywhere in the surrounding area and other parts of the city, without having to face traffic jams and congestion.






Terminal 21 shopping center is a relatively new and beautiful shopping center, located on the Sukhumvit Street, between Soi 19 to 21.

This shopping center is uniquely designed with each floor representing a famous capital city in the world and the design is accordingly….take a look at the presentation at the end of this article to see what I mean!

Despite the magnificent impression of this shopping center, most of the stores don’t sell well known brands so it is not classed as an expensive one. Apart from the numerous shops Terminal 21 offers, you will find many restaurants, cafes, beauty salons, massages, movie theaters and more. There is also a fancy Food Court but the quality and taste were very disappointing.

To finish it off, one can’t talk about Terminal 21 without mentioning the unique and luxurious restrooms with Toshiba computerized toilet seats !

Opening Hours: From 10:00 to 22:00

How To Get There: Direct access from Asok Sky Train station and just above the Sukumvit subway station.

Have Fun!