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Planning a Trip in Thailand

Seeking jobs in Thailand

Many individuals are interested in relocating and seeking jobs in Thailand, an issue which is accompanied by a host of employment related questions, concerning visas, work permits etc. However, it is important to understand that Thailand is not a typical immigration country like Canada or Australia. It doesn’t seek to absorb work immigrants from overseas but quite the opposite. Thus, the Thai policy is rather strict, and relocating to Thailand to work there is a difficult task.

Thailand Scams – Tourist in Thailand

This article reviews the top scams and most common frauds in Thailand, to inform and warn you in advance. The heads-up will hopefully help you avoid these tourist scams, save a considerable amount of money and precious time, and most importantly – enjoy your trip throughout. The list is based on this website, which should thus get most of the credit. yet I’ve certainly updated the information and added further detail.

Best Time to Visit Thailand?

This question repeats time and again, and surely for families, the answer is affected by holidays and school vacations. However, there are other factors that will influence the timing of your trip, the level of satisfaction you will gain and the budget you will need. This article will review the seasons in Thailand, and detail their advantages and shortcomings, so you can take the weather conditions and implications into account, among other factors, when considering the timing of your trip.

About Thailand

Are you looking for information about Thailand? Visiting Thailand, especially as a family, requires paying a considerable amount of money. Planning your trip properly will guarantee you will enjoy it tremendously; it’ll prevent disappointments, dissatisfactions, and even financial losses. In this website, you will find plenty of useful, detailed information about interesting attractions and notable

Planning a Trip to Thailand

During the recent years, many tourism websites and forums (in English and other languages) became the main sources of information for most people who plan trips abroad, and specifically to Thailand. However, the world wide web is far from being perfect; it contains endless errors, unreliable and outdated information and plenty of nonsense. However, you can certainly trust this website.

How Much Money Do I Need for Thailand ?

For many years in the past, I was a very active member in various forums discussing Thailand, and the above question was very frequently asked. Clearly, there’s no single or absolutely ‘right’ answer – just like asking how much does it cost to purchase a car? However, in this article, I will try to provide you with an answer for this essential and eternal query, which will help you set a budget for your trip to Thailand.

Pai Hot Springs

Pai Hot Springs are called Pong Nam Ron Tha Pai or Tha Pai Hot Springs.     This is one of the best Pai attractions, and certainly one of the best hot springs I ever visited (and I’ve been to plenty).

Sukhothai Offering Giving to Monks ( Tak Bat )

The ritual of offering giving to monks is an integral part of Thai culture; it is a way for the locals to express their gratitude to the monks who devote their lives to educate others about taking the high and right paths in human life.

Si Satchanalai Travel Guide

Si Satchanalai was the second most important city in the ancient Sukhothai kingdom and today is a quiet sub-district of Sukhothai. In the area you’ll find a historical park and authentic villages which maintained the unique, traditional arts of ceramics and weaving that were typical of the area.

Sukhothai Attractions

Sukhothai area is famous for its historical sites but also features other excellent attractions that reflect the authentic, beautiful Thailand that is hard to find in the heavily crowded tourist destinations

Sukhothai Authentic Thai village

Some 90 minutes away from the city of Sukhothai, there’s a small village surrounded by lovely gardens, lush flower beds and green rice fields. The village is open to visitors – most of whom are locals.

Sukhothai The arts of ceramics and weaving

Sukhothai province and particularly Si Stachanalai area – which is an hour away from Sukhothai city – is a heaven to lovers of local arts as ceramics and weaving; you can see the artists while they work and purchase handcrafts that were created on site.